HSCC – Presentations and Quiz

The HSCC program is designed to give students in local chapters the opportunity to be exposed to coding (i.e., PHP, Java), web development (I.e., API, Javascript, HTML, CSS), database design and project delivery.

At the annual conference, teams are given a real world based scenario to design a web based solution and then present to a team of judges.  Teams have up to 4 weeks to complete part 1, and then 8 hours during the conference to complete part 2.  This gives students an opportunity to learn to work as a team, task management, role definitions, troubleshooting and presentation skills.  Judges score based on user web experience, presentation, and coding ability.

Teams also take a quiz based on basic common computer knowledge in areas such as hardware, software, number systems, graphical user interface, internet terminology, web design( HTML/ CSS) and BDPA general knowledge.

Each member of the top 3 teams is awarded The Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship. Dr Bemley is the founder of HSCC.