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Powered Together – A Revolution of Excellence

AUGUST 12-14, 2021








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BDPACon21 Theme

Powered Together – A Revolution of Excellence

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it has shown us that we are stronger together. From the world movement that is ongoing to eradicate racism and centuries of social injustice and inequities to the innovative actions taken across industries and geographies to battle the ongoing adverse impacts of the pandemic, the power of unity is evident. History is being made at record speed across the world because people are coming together to power a revolution of excellence.

BDPA has a long-standing history of mobilizing and inspiring excellence, starting in the classroom and leading to the boardroom. Now, in this moment of history, BDPA continues its commitment to inspiring and excellence and changing lives by tapping into the power of togetherness to revolutionize excellence — a revolution that is changing the world.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Aug. 12 — 12:15 PM

Timothy Coleman

You Are What You See… So, What Do You See?

Aug. 13 — 08:00 AM

Patricia Mota

We Lead: At the intersection of Identity, Equality and Unity

Aug. 13 — 01:30 PM

James Tabron

Why Black Professionals Should Be Blitzing the Tech Startup Industry

Aug. 14 — 10:00 AM

Timothy Butts

The Digital Divide as an Racial Determinant of Health – How BDPA and STEM advocacy is saving lives