IT Showcase


The National BDPA Information Technology (IT) Showcase, collaborating with local chapters, allows college and high school students from educational institutions across the United States to present advanced computing and technical topics. Students demonstrate research knowledge to an audience of corporate representatives, IT professionals and fellow students.

BDPA Motto: “Advancing Careers From The Classroom To The Boardroom.”


These are potential benefits that students can expect from participation:

  • Improve performance on Advanced Placement (AP) CS test (HS students)
  • Increase the time students spend utilizing NBDPA sponsored curriculum
  • Improved research skills
  • Improved oral presentation skills
  • Access to corporate decision-makers and internship opportunities
  • Access to the NBDPA Career Fair
  • Increased the opportunities to win local and national NBDPA scholarships
  • Increased interest and commitment to a career in information technology
  • Opportunities to support the NBDPA mission and vision

Competition Details

Students participate in the 2-day event held during the annual National BDPA Technology Conference, August 12 – 14, 2021. The focus of this virtual event includes, but is not limited to, intelligent technologies (i.e., smart toys, machine learning, and genetic algorithms, etc.), wearable computing technologies, web technologies, mobile technologies, parallel computing technologies, cybersecurity, computing curricula, business intelligence, etc.

Research projects (presentations, PowerPoint and poster board) are judged by a panel of judges in two categories: college and high school. Scholarships are earned in each category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place presented at the conference award ceremony/gala. Each participant is recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Click here to view an example of an IT Showcase Proceedings, event previously sponsored by Lilly and
Johnson & Johnson.


The IT Showcase is a competitive process.  In order to participate in the IT Showcase, students must meet criteria and requirements below.  Students will complete the interest online form including research topic for consideration to participate in the program.


  • GPA Minimum: high school students currently in 9th grade thru 12th grade and college freshman thru senior year with minimum 2.5 grade average
  • Contact the local chapter to express interest and support to participate in the program
  • Complete the online form including research topic
  • Submit research paper (8 page minimum/maximum-single space) per due date
  • Create a powerpoint presentation based on the paper (10-15 min. duration) per due date
  • Create a powerpoint poster board presentation (3ftx4ft) per due date
  • Provide headshot photo of student per due date

The IT Showcase National team makes the final recommendation and selection of students based on active research participation and quality of final papers completed per deadline.


Due Dates
First Call for Papers
April 25, 2021
Second Call for Papers
May 23, 2021
Final Call for Papers
June 20, 2021
PowerPoint Presentations and Posters
July 18, 2021

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Become A Sponsor

We are actively looking for sponsors for the National IT Showcase. Becoming a sponsor will give your organization early access to our talented BDPA students and an avenue for your diversity and community outreach commitments. When you offer scholarship funds for our winners, we’ll give you a seat at the judging table and the opportunity to interview any of our high school and college students for internship and full-time positions.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the National IT showcase, please contact

Interest in Sponsoring the BDPA IT Showcase

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